Civil War Louisiana (CWLA)

Civil War Louisiana (CWLA)
CWLA seeks to provide an online resource of any and all material of the Civil War relating to Louisiana with a special interest in the war in Acadiana in southwest Louisiana.

Louisiana Units

The Louisiana Historical Quarterly, Volume 4, No. 1 (January 1921)

Alphabetical list and local designations of Louisiana organisations in the Confederate Army comprising Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry and Militia—980 military companies organized in Louisiana:

Alexander Rifles (Company 24, Regt. La. Infty, Co. K. Crea. Regt.)
Alexandria Independent Guards, La. Militia.
Alfred Davis Guards, Company G, Miles Legion, Louisiana.
Algiers Guards, Company A, 30th La. Infty. Served also as / lgiers Battn. La. Militia.
Algiers Artillery, Baker's Co.. Algiers Battn. La. Militia.
Algiers Co., La. Militia, Ind.
Allen Rifles, Company 1, 26th La. Infty.
Allen Guards, Company I, 23rd La. Infty.
Alligator Rangers, Co. F, 2nd La. Cavalry.
American Rifles, Co. G, 7th La. Infty., Co. F, Sumpter Rifles.
American Rifles, Co. B, Co. C, 30th La. Regt. Infty.
American Rifles, subsequently became 8th Co. F, Sumpter 30th La. Mil. Regt.
Amite City Rifles, La. Militia, Ind.
Anacoco Rangers, Co. K, 19th La. Infty.
Arcadia Guards, Co. F. 18th La. Infty.
Arcadia Invincibles, Co. B, 12th La. Infty.
Armstrong Guards, Co. K. 14th La. Infty, Sulakowski's Regt.
Ascension Guards, La. Militia, Ind.
Asenheimers 1st, Co. B, Co. 20th La. Infty.
Askew Guards Co. C, 14th La. Infty, Sulakowski's Regt.
Askew Greys, Co. F, Kennedy's 21st La. Infty.
Assumption Creoles, Co. C, 26th La. Volunteers.
Atchafalaya Guards, Co. H, 2nd La. Infty.
Atchafalaya Mounted Scouts, Battn. La. Cavalry.
Attakapas Guards, Co. C, 8th La. Infantry.
Attakapas Rangers, La. Mil., Ind.
Austrian Guards Co., 4th Regt., European Brig. La. Mil. Vol. Avenco Rifles, Co. I, 13th, afterwards Co. G., 14th La. Infty. Avoyelles Fencibles, La. Militia, Co. A., Johnson's Spec. Battn.
Avoyelles Rifles, La. Militia, Ind.
Baker Guards, Capt. F. Lang's Co., Continental Regt., La. Mil. Vols., also Co. F, H. Lew's Balm., Regt. La. Mil. Barlow's Battery, Capt. Wm. P. Barlow, Ind. Baton Rouge Fencibles, Co. B, 7th La. Infty. Baton Rouge Guards, served in E. Baton Rouge Regt., Ind. Baton Rouge Invincibles, Co. B,9th, 17th Battn. La. Inf.
Baton Rouge National Guards, La. Mil., served in E. Baton Rouge Regt., Ind. .
Baton Rouge Rangers, Co. B, 1st La. Cavalry.
Battalion La., Cazadores Espanoles, Louisiana Legion.
Bayliss Battn., Par. Rangers, Capt. W. H. Bayliss, Ind.
Bayou Boeuf Cavalry Guards, La. Mil., Ind.
Bayou Boeuf Home Guards, La. Mil., Ind.
Bayou Goula Co., La. Mil., served in Iberville Regt., Ind.
Beauregard Battn. Battery-La. Mil.
Beauregard Cadets, 2nd Brig. 1st Div. La. Mil., Ind.
Beauregard Fencibles, Co. K, afterwards I, 12th La. Inf.
Beauregard Guards, La. Mil. Co. C, La. Irish Regt. La. Mil.
Beauregard Invincibles, Co. K, afterwards 1.12th La. Inf.
Beauregard Mounted Lt. Grds., La. Mil., Ind.
Beauregard Rangers, Co. D, Cres. Regiment La. Inf., 24th Regt., La. Inf.
Beauregard Rangers, La. Mil., Ind.
Beauregard Rebels, La. Mil., Ind.
Beauregard Regiment, Col. F. A. Bartlett's La. Regt., La. Mil. Beauregard Rifles, Co. —, 30th La. Inf., Co. K Sumpter Regt. Co. A Beauregard Battn., La. Mil.
Beauregard Siege Art., La. Mil., Ind.
Beauregard Siege Battery, Capt. Theo. Morano's Co., La. Arty.
Beauregard Tigers, La. Mil. Co. F, Jeff Davis Battn. & Regt. Beauregard Creek Rifles, Co. G, 4th La. Inf., also Co. E. 9th Battn., La. Cav., Cav. (P. R.) after Wingfield's 3rd La. Cav. Belgian Legion, La. Mil., Ind. Belgium Infantry, Louisiana Legion. Bell Battery, Capt. T. 0. Benton's Co., La. Arty. Belmont Guards, La. Mil., served in Beauregard Regt., Ind. Ben McCullough Rangers, Ind.
Ben McCullough Rangers, Capt. Wm. F. McLean's Ind. Co. 2nd La. Inf.
Benton's Battery, Bell Batty., 4th La. Batty., 3d La. Batty., served as Co. C 3rd Battn., Fid. Batty., Ind.
Bienvenu Guards, Capt. A. Lartigue's Co., La. Vols. 
Benjamin's Co., La. Cav., Independent Co. 
Bienville Rifles, Co. B, 8th La. Inf.
Bienville Rifles, La. Mil., disbanded at Camp Moore declining to serve for the war, Ind.
Bienville Blues, Co. C, 9th La. Infty. 
Bienville Guards, Co. C 5th La. Infty.
Bienville Guards, Lartigue's Co., King's Spec. Battn., La. Infty.
Big Bend, Co —, Capt. W. J. Rusk, Ind. Big Cane Rifles, Co. K, 16th La. Infty. Black River Mtd. Rifles, served in Concordia Regt., Ind. Black Yagers, Co. B., 22nd, afterwards 21st La. Infty. Black's Rifle Guards Co., Jackson's Regt., La. Infty., 5th Battn.
Blakesley Guards, La. Mil. Co., 4th Regt., French Brig. Blucher Guards. La. Mil., Capt. Hy. Miester, Ind. Boeuf River Rebels, Co. B, 27th La. Infty. Bogart Guards, Co. C, 3rd La. Battn., afterwards Co. H. 15th La. Infty.
Bonford Guards, Co. A, Kennedy's 21st Regt., La. Infty.
Bonnabel Guards, La. Militia, Co. 4th Regt., French Brig.
Boon's Battery, 2nd Field Batty., attached to Miles Legion.
Bossier Cavalry, Capt. Thos. W. Fuller's Ind. Co., La. Co. C 6th La. Cav., attached to an Ala. Cav. Regt., also Co. B, Wimberley's Squadron, La. Cavalry.
Bossier Volunteers, Co. D, 9th La. Infty.
Bossier Rangers Vols., Co. A, 1st Battn., State Grds. Cav., also called 13th Battn.
Boyles, Com B, 30th Regt., La. Infty.
Bragg Cadets, Co. D, 26th La. Infty.
Bragg's Escort, Guy Dreux's Ind. Co., La. Cavalry.
Bragg's Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Frank Dalfers, Ind.
Briarfield Rebels, Capt. A. J. McNeils Co., La. Cavalry.
Brice Guards. La. Militia, Capt. Ewell Eastman, Ind.
Bridges Battery, Capt. Wm. M. Bridges, attached as Co. D to 18th S. C. Battn. Arty., Ind.
Briarfield Rebels, La. Cavalry, Capt. A. J. McNiel, as Co. D, 6th or 61st. Battn. Ark. Cavalry, later Co. C. 24fh Ark. Cav., Ind.
Brown's Battery, Hannibal, Lt. Arty. Co. B, Consolidated with Guiber's Mo. Battery, Ind.
Brown's Co., La. Mil., Capt. A. F. Brown, Ind.
Brush Valley Guards, Co. H, 9th La. Infty.
Burnside Guards, La. Militia, Capt. Edward Conery. Ind.
Burton's Co., in LaFourche Regt., La. Militia.
Butler's Revengers, Co. A, Miles Legion, La. Cav
Caddo Confederates, Co. I, 27th La. Infty. 
Caddo Co., La; Militia, Capt. Wm. H. Bayliss. 
Caddo Fencibles, Co. C, 16th La. Cav. 
Caddo Lake Boys, Co. F, 17th La. Inf. 
Caddo Light Horse, Co. A, 6th Regt. La. Cav. 
Caddo Militia, Capt. B. R. Bickham's Co., 4th. Regt. French Brig.', La. Mil. Vols. 
Caddo Pioneers, Co. —, 27th La. Inf. 
Caddo Rifles, Co. A. 1st La. Inf. 
Caddo 1.0th and 19th La. Inf. 
Cage's Battn., La. Cav., with Miss. Cav. and 14th Battn., Confed. Cav.
Calcasieu Rangers, Capt. W. E. Ivey's Co., La. Cav. 
Calcasieu Volunteers, Co. A, King's Spec. Battn. La. Inf. 
Calcasieu Tigers, Co. B, King's Spec. Battn., La. Inf. 
Calcasieu Invincibles, Co. C, King's Spec. Battn., La. Inf. 
Calcasieu Guards, Co. D. King's Spec. Battn., La. Inf. 
Caldwell Avengers, Co.B, 31st Regt., La. Inf. 
Caldwell Guards, Co. I, 3rd La. Inf., Jeff Davis Battn. Regt., La. Mil.
Caldwell Invincibles, Co. A, after G. 12th La. Inf.
Caldwell Rangers, Caldwell Regt., La. Mil.
Calhoun Guards, Co. B, 6th La. Inf., also Continental Regt., La. Mil. Vols., Independent Co.
Calhoun Guards, Co. C, Co. G. Irish Regt., La. Mil.
Campbell Guards, Co. A, 5th Battn., La. Inf.
Cameron's Battery (Art.) attached to 15th Battn., Cav. and afterwards to Harrison 3rd La. Regt., Cav. 4th La. Fid. Art.
Campaigners La. Vols., 26th Co., La. Mil.
Canfield's Co., Mtd., Rangers, La. Mil., Ind.
Cannon Guards, Co. D, 11th La. Inf.
Cannon Guards, Co. — Jackson Regt., La. Inf., formerly Kennedy's 5th Battn. Inf.
Capitol Guards, La. Mil., (served in E. Baton Rouge Regt. La. Mil., Ind.)
Capt. Volunteers, La. Mil (served in E. Baton Rouge Regt., La. Ml., Ind.
Camouche's Co. of Cavalry, attached to Brent's Cavalry Brigade.
Carondelet Invincibles, Co. I, 5th La. Inf.

Carondelet Lt. Inf., La. Mil., served as Co. , in Beauregard Regt.
Carroll Dragoons, Capt. Lott's Co., La. Cav., Ind. Co.
Carroll Guards, Co. L. 11th La. Inf., after Co. E, 20th La. Inf.
Carroll Rebels, Co. D, 29th (4th Battn.), La. Inf.
Carrollton Reserve Grds., La. Mil. Co. D, Jeff Davis Battn. and Regt. La. Mil. Vols.
Carter Minute Men, La. Militia (Independent).
Carter Rangers, La. Militia (Independent).
Caruthers Sharp Shooters, also called Copland Caruthers Shp. Shooters, Co. D, 9th Battn., La. Infantry.
Castor Guards, Co. I, 16th La. Infty.
Catahoula Avengers, Co. E, 31st Regt., La. Infantry.
Catahoula Battalion, Co. D, 31st La. Infty.
Catahoula Fensibles, Co. D, 31st La. Infty.
Catahoula Greys, Co. G. 11th La. Infty.
Catahoula Guerillas, Co. D, Wheat's Battn., La. Infty., afterwards Co. 1,15th La. Regt. Infty. (2nd Polish Brigade.)
Catahoula Rebels, Co. C, 17th La. Infty.
Cazadores Espanoles, Col. Nevil Soule's Regt., La. Militia.
Cazadores Espanoles, 1st Co. Co. A, Cazadores Regt., La. Mil. Espanoles.
Cazadores Espanoles, 2nd Company B, Cazadores Regt., La. Mil, Espanoles.
Cazadores Espanoles, 3rd Co. C, Cazadores Regt., La Mil., Espanoles.
Cazadores Espanoles, 4th Co. D, Cazadores Regt., La. Mil. Espanoles.
Cazadores of St. Bernard, Co. G, Cazadores Regt., Es. La. Mil. Cazadores Espanoles Regt., Family Caz. Esp., Battn. La. Mil. Chalmette Rifle Guards, Co. B, 5th La. Infty. Chalmette Guards, La. Militia, Co. B. Fire Battn. and Regt., La. Militia.
Chalmette Battalion, La. Volunteers.
Chasseurs a Pied, alias Foot Rifles, also called St. Paul's Foot Rifles, 7th Battn., La. Infty.
Chasseurs a Pied, La. Militia, Company B, Johnson's Spl. Battn.
Chasseurs D'Orleans, Foreign Brigade, La. Legion 1st Regt. Chas. a Pied, Co. D, Cassd., Regt. Espan. La. Mil., also Jackson Rifle Battn., also Ind. Co.
Chasseurs St. Jacques, Co. E, 18th La. Infty. 
Chasseurs of Jefferson Co., A. Cav. La. Mil., served in 9th Regt., 1st Brigade, La. Militia. 
Chasseurs de la Fayette, La. Mil. Capt. Hy. H. Michelet, Ind. 
Chasseurs de la Fourche, La. Militia, Capt. Chas. Lesseps, Ind.
Chasseurs de la Gard, La. Mil., served 5th, Co. 6th. Regt. European Brig.
Chasseurs St. Michel, La. Mil., served in St. James Regt., Ind. 
Chasseurs du Teche (Cav.) La. Mil. Capt. Chas. Tertron, La. Mil.
Cheyneville Blues, Co. H, 8th La. Infty. (Sometimes Rifles.) City Defenders, Co. D., Jackson Rifle Battn. La. Mil. City Fire Guards, La. Mil., Co. D, Orleans Fire Battn. Regt. La. Mil.
City Guards La. Mil. attached to National Gd. Regt., Capt. . Wm. T. Dean, Ind.
Citizen Guards, Co. B. La. Mil. Continental Regt. La. Mil. Vols.
Citizen Guards, Co. A, Continental Regt., La. Mil. Vols. 
Claiborne Greys, Co. D. 19th La. Infty. 
Claiborne Guards, Co. F. 2nd La. Infty. 
Claiborne Invincibles, Co. D. 28th La. Infty. 
Claiborne Invincibles, Co. K. 17th La. Infty. 
Claiborne Rangers, Capt. T. M. Scott's Co. 12th La. Infty. 
Claiborne Rebels La. Mil., Capt. Allen C. Hill, Ind. 
Claiborne Volunteers, Co. C. 19th La. Infty. 
Clay Guards Co. B. Beauregard Battn. & Regt. La. Mil. 
Clinton Guards La. Mil. Capt. J. J. Smith, Ind. 
Clinton Rebels La. Mil. Capt. A. S. Norwood, Ind. 
Clouett Guards Co. K. Chalmette Regt. La. Mil. Vols. 
Coach Makers Guards Co. in Bragg's Battn. La. Militia. 
Cochran's Co. Cavalry-Macon Cav. La. Mil. 
Cole's Rangers, See Mounted Rangers, La. 
Columbia Fire Guards Co. H. Orleans Fire Battn. Regt. La. Militia.
Colyell Guards Co. G. 9th La. Infty.
Compagne, due Voliguere, Co. 2nd Regt. French Vols. 2nd Regt. Europ. Brig. La. Mil.
Concordia Rifles, Co. F. 13th La. Infty. Sulakowski's afterwards 14th La.
Confidence Fire Guards La. Mil. Co. F. Orleans Fire Battn. Regt. La. Mil.
Confederate Defenders, Harrison's Battn. Cavalry La.
Confederate Defenders, Co. A. 31st La. Infty.
Confederate Guards, (Response Battn.) also called Confed. Grd. Battn. 12th Battn. La. Infty. Consolidated with Cres. Regt.
Confederate Guards, Co. H. 18th La. Infty.
Confederate Guards, Artillery Capt. C. C. Lewis' Co. La. Mil.
Confederate Guards Regt. La. Mil. Vols.
Confederate Guards Reserve La. Mil. Ind. Co. Capt. Jas. J. Hanna.
Confederate Guards Response Battn. also called Confed. Grd. Batt. La. Vols.
Confederate States Rangers, Co. K. 10th La. Infty.
Confederate States Zouaves, Maj. St. Leon Dupeir's La. Infty. Battn.
Continental Guards Co. A. 7th La. Infty.
Continental Cadets, La. Mil. A company in Cont. Regt. La. Mil. Vol.
Continental Guards, Co. F. 11th La. Inf.
Continental Guards, Co. B. Continental Regt. La. Mil. Vols.
Continental Regiment, Col. George Clark's Regt. La. Mil.
Cooper's Guards La. Mil. Capt. Jno. C. Weaver.
Coppen's 1st Battn., C. S. Zouaves La. (La. Zouaves).
Corner Co. of Avoyelles La. Mil. 1st. Lt. V. Gremillion, Ind.
Cornil Guards La. Mil. Capt. David Pearson.
Cotton Plant Guards La. Mil. Co. E. La. Irish Regt. La. Mil.
Cotton Plant Guards, Co. B. La. Mil. Co. E. Irish Regt. La. Mil.
Cotton Guards La. Mil. Co. E. Jeff Davis Battn. & Regt.
Court Glee Grds. La. Mil. (also C. G. Minute Men) Capt. Dupre Guidry, Ind.
Coushatta Rifles La. Mil. R. H. Simmons Cart. Ind.
Creole Rebels La. Mil. Capt. J. J. Ducoye Co. C. Johnson's Spl. Battn.
Creole Chargers, Co. G, 1st La. Cav.
Creole Guards, Co. A. 8th La. Inf. served also E. Baton Rouge, Regt. La. Mil. Ind.
Creole Rebels La. Mil. Vols. Capt. E. P. Doremus Ind. 
Crescent Artillery, Capt. T. H. Hutton's Co. A. La. Arty. 
Crescent Artillery La. Mil. Capt. H. F. Wade, Ind.

Crescent Blues, Capt. John Knight's Co. Crescent Regt. La. Vols. Co. E, Beauregard Battn. Regt. 24th Regt. La. Inf. also Co. G, Sumpter Regt.
Crescent Cadets, Co. I. Sumpter Regt. La. Mil.
Crescent City Blues, Co. B, or C, La. Foot Rifles of Battn. Co. K, 15th La. Regt. Inf.
Crescent Blues Co. A. La. Mil. Capt. Bartlett, 3rd Co. H, Cres. Regt.
Crescent City Guards, Co. A, 5th La. Inf.
Crescent City Guards, Co. B, after A. Crescent Regt. La. Vols.
Crescent City Guards, Co. C. after F. Cres. Regt. La. Vols.
Crescent City Native Guards, Co. in 1st Regt. Native Grds. La. Mill.
Crescent City Rifles, Co. B, 1st Battn., La. Inf., also Co. B, 24th La. Regt. Inf., Crescent Regt.
Crescent Rifles, Co. B. 1st Battn. La. Inf.
Crescent Rifles, (Co. B.) Co. E, 7th La. Inf.
Crescent Rifles, (Co. C.) Co. H, 7th La. Inf.
Crescent Rifles, (Co. D.) after B. Crescent Regt. La. Vols.
Crescent Regiment, also called 24th & Cons. Cres. Regt. La. Inf. orig. Mil.
Crescent Reserve La. Mil. Capt. J. A. Halls Co. Orleans Fire Battn. La. Mil.
Crescent Zouaves, Capt. W. F. Fry, Ind.
Crockett Southrons, Capt. E. Currie's unattached Co. La. Vols.
Cronan Rebels La. Militia Capt. C. Evans. 
Crosgrove Guards La. Mil. Co. B. Lewis Battn. Regt. La. Mil. 
Cuban Rifles Co. Co. C. Jackson Rifle Battn. La. Mil. 
Dardennis Guards, Co. I. 30th Regt. La. Infty. 
Dauer's Artillery Capt. J. F. Dauer's Co. La. Arty. Mil. 
Davenport Rebels, Co. G. 15th La. Infty. 
Davidson Guards La. Mil. (Alexandria, La.) Capt. Jno. W. Addison, Ind.
Davidson Guards La. Mil. Capt. W. E. M. Linfield Ind. 
Davis Guards Co. H. 1st. La. Infty. 
Davis Guards Cavalry Co. G. Miles Legion La. 
Davidson Guards, Co. D, (Beauregard Regt. & Battn. La. Mil. also 2nd Co. I, Cres. Regt.) 
De Clouet's Guards, Co. D. Guard Battn. Regt. La. Mil. 
De Feriet Guards Co. I. Chalmette Regt. La. Mil. Vols.

Defenders Falkner's Cav., Co. D, 3rd ((Harrison's) La. Regt., Cav. form Co. I, Pargoud's Regt.
De Gournay's, afterwards Kean's La. Battery, 12th Batty., served as Co. E, 1st Battn., La. Zouaves.
Delhi Guards, La. Mil., Capt. D. Pinkney Smith, Ind.
Delta Rifles, La. Mil., Capt. Hugh Breen, Ind.
Delta Rangers, Co. C, Wheat's Battn., La. Infty.
Delta Rifles, Co. F, 4th La. Infty.
Denson's Cavalry Co., Capt. W. B. Denson, Caddo Light Horse.
Derbigny Guards, Co. B, 10th La. Infty. 
De Soto Blue, Co. F, 9th Infty. Regt. 
De Soto Creoles, Co. K, 3rd Co. K, Cos. H, K, 19th Regt. La. Infty.
De Soto Rangers, De Soto Regt. La. Mil.
De Soto Rifles, Co. D, 5th La. Infty.
Dillon Guards, Co. A, 11th La. Infty.
Dixie Guards, La. Militia, Capt. F. H. Pugh, Ind.
Dixie Rifles, Co. —, 27th La. Infty.
Donaldsonville Arty., Capt. V. Maurin's Co., La. Arty., attached as Co. B, to Garnett's afterwards Richardson's Battn., also known as Landry's Battery.
Donaldsonville Arty., Co. B, also called Cannoneers of Donaldsonville.
Dubloon Guards, La. Mil., Capt. W. H. Waters, Ind. 
Downsville Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Jas. B. Landers, Ind. 
Dreux's Co., La. Cav., served as escort to Gen. Beauregard, Bragg, Hood and Johnson.
Dragoons of E. Baton Rouge, La. Mil., Capt. H. M. Pierce, Ind.
Ducote Guards, La. Mil., Capt. J. J. Ducote, Ind.
Duncan Lt. Infty., La. Mil., Capt. Paulin Grandpere.
Duverge Guards, La. Mil. Co. Algiers Battn., La. Mil., also Co. E, 9th Regt., 1st Brig., La. Mil.
East Feliciana Guards, Co. A, 16th La. Inf., also East Feliciana Regt., La. Mil.
Eclaireurs of Jefferson, La. Mil., Ind.
Edmonston's (J) Independent Battn., La. Mil. Vols.
Ed. Moore Rangers, Co. A, 1st La. Cav.
Edward Thompson Guards, Beauregard Battn. Regt., Ind.
Edward Guards, Co. B, 16th La. Inf. . .
Eight Battn., La. Arty., W. E. Pinkney, Lt. Col.
Elam Guards, Co. B, 29th La. Inf., also cafed 28th (Thomas).
Emerald Guards, Co. E, 9th La. Inf. ., . ,
Emmet Guards, Co. D, 1st Inf., Nelligan's Regt., Co. in La. Irish Regt., La. Mil.
Empire Rangers, Co. D, 13th after 14th La. Inf., after Co. B, 15th La. Inf.
Engineers Co., 1st Regt. French Vol., La. Mil., 1st Regt., European Brig.
Esplanade Guards, Co. F, Orleans Guards Bttn. Regt., La. Mil.
European Brig., Louisiana Militia. 
Evergreen Invincibles, Co. H, 16th La. Inf. 
Family Home Guards, La. Mil. Ind., Capt. J. T. Degrais. 
Farmer Guards, Co. C, after D, 12th La. Inf. 
Farmer Rangers, Co. H, after K, 12th La. Inf. 
Fassman Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Jas. Powers Ind. 
Fausse River Guards, Co. in King's Spl. Battn., La. Inf. 
Feilleux, (after Daner's) Batty. La. Mil., attached to Battn. Vols."
Fenners Battery, La. Arty.
First Special Battn., La. Vols., also Wheat's Special Battn. 
Florence Guards, Co. F, 20th La. Inf. 
Floyd Guards, Co. G, 2nd La. Inf. 
Forstall Guards, Co. I, 10th La. Inf.
France-American Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Simon Richard, Ind.
Franklin Guards, La. Mil., Capt. H. B. Smith, Ind.
Franklin Life Guards, Co. C, 4th Battn., La. Infty.
Franklin Sharp Shooters, Co. E, 9th Regt., La. Infty. Vols.
Franklin Rangers, Co. B, 1st Battn., La. State Grds., Cav., also known as 13th Battn.
Franko Rifles, Co. B, 13th, afterwards 14th, La. Infty.
Frappe d'Abord, Co. H, Chalmette Regt., La. Mil. Vols.
Frellson Guards, Capt. Geo. R. Canadine's Co., La. Mil. Ind.
French Co. of St. James, La. Mil., Ind. Co.
French Capitol Guards of East Baton Rouge, also called "Rough" Ind.
French Co. of Berwick Bay, Capt. A, Cardillas, Ind.
French Co. of Donaldsonville, La. Mil., Capt. C. J. Boulanger,  Ind.
French Co. of Iberville, La. Mil., Capt. Pierre Artaux, Ind.

French Co. of Lafayette, La. Militia, Capt. B. Cazaandebat, Ind. ♦
French Co. of Pointe Coupee, La. Militia, Capt. A. Verneuil, Ind.
French Co. of St. Martin, La. Mil. Capt. Pierre Cabrol, Ind. 
French Co. of St. Mary, La. Mil., Capt. Frederick Robin, Ind.
French Co. of Thibodaux, La. Mil., Capt. Jean Pierre, Ind. 
French Legion of Terrebonne, La. Militia, Capt. Jean Besse, Ind.
French Volunteers, La. Mil., Capt. A. Gauthier, served in St. Martin Regt., Ind.
Fulton Guards, Co. in Bragg's Battn., La. Militia, Co. H, Leeds' Guard Regt., La. Mil., Vols.
Furman Rangers, Co. E, 2nd La. Cavalry.
Fusiliers, No. 1, Capt. Henerich Gerdes, Ind.
Garnett Rangers, Capt. Jas. Borges Co., La. Mil.
Garibaldi Guards, Co. F, Cazadores Regt. Espanoles, La. Mil.
Gentilly Rangers, Co. G, Chalmette Regt., La. Vols.
German Guards.
German Guards, La. Militia, Capt. Roemer, Ind. 
German Yagers (or Joegers), Co. I, 22nd Regt., La. Infty. 
Gleen Guards, Co. F, 1st Regt., 1st Brig., and in Beauregard Rgt., La. Mil., Beauregard Battn.
Galdden Rifles, Co. H, 13th La. Infty.
Gobers Regt., La. Cav., called 5th Regt., part 9th and 18th Battn., La. Infty.
Gorday's & Cornay's Battery, St. Mary Cannoneers, 1st La. Field Battery.
Governor's Guard, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Cos., 13th Inf.
Government Mechanic Guards, Co. E, Lewis Battn., Regt. La. Mil.
Greenleaf's Co., La. Cav., See Orleans Light Horse. 
Greenwood Guards, Co. I, 2nd La. Inf. 
Gretna Fire Guards, La. Mil., Co. G, La. Fire Battn. and Regt. La. Mil. 
Grivot Artillery, Capt. J. T. Holmes' Co., La. Arty. 
Grivot Fancy Guards, Co. E, 26th La. Inf. 
Grivot Guards, Co. E, 1st Battn., La. Inf. 
Grivot Guards (Co. B), Co. H, 26th La. Inf. 
Grivot Guards (Co. C), Co. C, after Co. F, 26th La. Inf. 
Grivot Partisan Rangers, Indep. Co., La. Cav. 
Grivot Rifles, Co. E, 15th La. Regt. Inf., Vol. (2nd Polish Brig.)
Gross Tete Creoles, Co. C, 15th La. Inf. 
Gross Tete Flying Artillery, 6th Batty., La. Arty. 
Gross Tete Rangers, La. Mil., Capt. C. W. Keep, Ind. 
Gulf Guards, Co. E, Chalmette Regt., La. Vols. 
Guards de St. Bernard, Co. D, 12th Regt., 2nd Brig., 1st Div., La. Mil.
Hannibal Light Artillery, Co. Brown's Battery.
Hansa Guards, Cos. A, B. C, D, E, and F, 4th Regt., European Brig., La. Mil., Vols.
Hardee Rifles, La. Mil., Capt. Jos. Andrews, Ind.
Hawkins Guards, Co. D, after K, 10th La. Inf.
Hayes Champions, Co. D, 18th La. Inf.
Heation Guards, Co. F, Chalmette Regt., La.
Henry Clay Guards, Capt. A. B. Seeger's Co., 9th Regt., 1st Brig., 1st Div., La. Mil., also Algiers Battn., La. Mil.
Henry Hart Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Chas. L. Aitkens.
Henry Marshall Guards, Co. F, 19th La. Inf.
Herrick's Co., Co. E, 20th Regt., La. Inf., also known as Orleans Blues.
Hewitt Guards, Co. C, 10th La. Inf.
Hickens Guards, See Noel Rangers, New Co. B, 20th Regt., La. Inf.
Hickory Guards, Co. A, Capt. Jno. Cavanaugh, Ind.
Hildreth Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Geo. R. Wells, Ind.
Hinston Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Thos. J. Lester, Ind.
Hollins Rangers, La. Mil. of De Soto Parish, Ind.
Home Guards, La. Mil. of De Soto Parish, Ind.
Home Guards, 1st Brig., 1st Div., La. Mil., Capt. Wm. W. Wilson, Ind.
Holmes Light Guards, Co. C, 11th La. Infty.
Holmes Battery, attached to 1st La. Cavalry.
Home Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Jas. 0. Fuqua, Ind.
Homestead Rangers, La. Mll., Capt. Jas. W. Martin, Ind.
Hope Guards, La. Militia, served in Assumption Regt., Capt. Wm. M. Marks, Ind.
Howard Guards, Co. —, Chalmette Regt., La. Vols.
Huckins Guards, Co. B, 20th La. Infty.
Hunter Rifles, Co. A, 4th La. Infty. 
Hunter Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Levy, Ind. 
Hunter Rifles, Co. B, 4th La. Infty. 
Hussars of the Teche, Co. D, 10th Battn., La. Infty. (Formerly Cav. Co.)
Iberville Greys, Co. A, 3rd La. Infty. 
Iberville Guards, Co. D, 27th La. Infty. 
Iberville Rangers, Co. D, 2nd La. Cavalry. 
Iberville Regt., La. Militia, 6th Brig. 
Independent Capitol Arty, of East Baton Rouge, La. Mil., Capt. J. N. Foose, Ind.
Independent Co., La. Cavalry, Co. A, 2nd La. Cavalry. 'Independent Guards, La. Militia (Served in St. Mary's Regt., Capt. J. Edmond, Ind.)
Independent Guards of East Baton Rouge, Mil., Capt. Jos. C. Charotte, Ind.
Independent Orleans Arty., also called Orleans Arty., Capt. Paul F. De Gournay's Co., La. Artillery.
Independent Rangers of East Baton Rouge, La. Mil., Capt. David H. Penny, Ind.
Independent Rangers, Co. E, afterwards Co. B, 12th La. Infty.
Independent Rangers (Cav. Squadron) of Iberville, La. Mil., 1st Co.
Irish Brigade, (Co. A) Co. I, 6th La. Infty. 
Irish Brigade, (Co. B) Co. F, 6th La. Infty. 
Irish Volunteers, Co. F, 7th La. Infty. 
Irish Volunteers, Capt. L. Doyle's Co., La. Irish Regt., La. Militia.
Irving Guards, Co. , La.
Isle of Wright Blues.
Jackson Arty, of Algiers, Capt. Jno. Mitchell's Co., La. Arty.
Jackson Arty., Co. A of Algiers, La. Mi., served in 9th Regt., 1st Brig., La. Militia.
Jackson Arty., Co. of Algiers, La. Mil., served in 9th Regt., 1st Brig., La. Mil.
Jackson Avengers, La. Mil., Capt. Gus. Lauve, Ind.
Jackson Battalion, 5th Battn., La. Inf., merged into 21st La. Inf., Jackson Regt.
Jackson Greys, Co. K, 9th La. Inf., Vols.
Jackson Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Louis Gastinel, Ind.
Jackson Home Guards, La. Mil., Capt. W. M. Hughes, Ind.
Jackson Mounted Rifles, La. Mil., Capt. G. A. Scott, Ind.
Jackson Rangers, La. Mil., Capt. W. F. Clark, Ind.
Jackson Rifles, La. Mil., Capt. H. L. Pond, Ind.
Jackson Regiment, 21st La. Inf., formerly Kennedy Battn., 5th Battn., La. Inf.
Jackson Regt., La. Mil., served in 1st Brig., 5th Div., and in 11th Brig., La. Mil.
Jackson Sharp Shooters, Co. D, afterwards C, 12th La. Inf.
Jackson Sharp Shooters, Lieut. A. C. Simonon's Co.
Jackson Railroad Rifles, Co. in Continental Regt., La. Mil.
Jackson Volunteers, Co. F, 28th La. Inf.
Jackson Volunteers, Co. C, 1st Battn. of Inf. (Terrell's).
James Jackson Guards, La. Mil., attached to Beauregard Regt., Ind.
Jameson Light Guards, Co. K, 20th La. Inf.
Jeff Davis Regiment, Col. Alex Smith's Regt., La. Mil. 
Jeff Davis Lt. Guards, Capt. Jos. C. Daymon, Ind. 
Jefferson Arty., Co. A, La. Mil., Capt. A. B. Carbonnet. 
Jefferson Blues, Continental Regt., La. Mil., Vols. 
Jefferson Cadets, Co. B, formerly Co. C, after A, 14th Regt., La. Inf.
Jefferson Chasseurs, La. Mil., Lt. J. H. Harvey, Ind.
Jefferson Confederate Guards, Co. A, La. Mil., Co. B, Jeff Davis, Battn., after Regt.
Jefferson Confederate Guards, Co. B, La. Mil., Co. C, Jeff Davis Battn., after Regt.
Jefferson Fire Guards, La. Mil., Co. C, La. Fire Battn. and Regt., La. Mil.
Jefferson Guards, La. Mil., Cart. Fred. Wallbrecht, Ind.
Jefferson Light Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Thos. La. Maxwell,Ind.
Jefferson Mounted Guards, Capt. Guy Dreux's Ind. Co. Cav. after Gen. Beauregard's Body Guard Dreux's Co. Cav.
Jefferson Mounted Guards, Capt. Millandon's Co. B, Cav. La.Mil.
Jefferson Rangers, Co. A, Jeff Davis Battn. after Regt. La. Mil. Vol.
Jefferson Rifles, La. Mil., Capt. Jules G. Dreux, Ind. 
Johnston Rifles, La. Mil., Co. B, La. Irish Regt., La. Mil. 
Keachi Warriors, Co. E, afterwards I, 19th La. Infty. 
Kean's Battery, La. Arty. (De Gournay's Battery). 
Kelso's Battery, La. Mil., Capt. Jno. Kelso, Ind. 
Kennedy Battn., 5th Battn. La. Infty., which afterwards be- came Jackson's Regt., 21st La. Infty. 
Kenner Guards, La. Mil., Capt. John B. Humphreys, Ind. 
Kirks Ferry Rangers, La. Mil., called Cav. Co. of Catahoula, Ind.
Kirk Guards, Capt. R. S. Kirke's Co., Continental Regt., La. Mil. Vols.
King's Spec. Battn., La. Infty.
Knights of the Border, Capt. C. Buchanan's Co., La. Vols. 
Koscinski, Guards-Whann Rifle Grds., Co. E, Kennedy's 21st Regt., La. Infty.
Labauve Guards, Co. B, 11th La. Infty.
Lecompte Guards, La. Militia and Co. A, 2nd Regt., La. Infty.
Lafayette Light Artillery, Capt. Joseph Lewis, Jr.'s Co., La.Mil.
Lafayette Guards, Co. in Bragg's Battn., La. Militia. 
Lafayette Minute Men, La. Militia, served in Lafayette Regt. 
Lafayette Prairie Boys, Co. A, 26th La. Infty. 
Lafayette Co. No. 2, La. Mil., Capt. Gustave Lehmann. 
Lafayette Rangers, La. Mil., served as Co. G, 9th Regt., 1st Brig., Ind.
Lafayette Regt., La. Militia, served in 1st Brig., 4th Div. and 9th Brig.
Lafayette Rifle Cadets, Co. E, 13th La. Infty.
Lafayette Volunteers, Co. A, Fire Battn., afterwards Regt. La. Militia.
Lafourche Creoles, Co. G, 18th La. Infty.
Lafourche Dragoons, La. Mil., R. G. Darden, Ind.
Lafourche Guards, Co. E, 4th La. Infty.
Lafourche Hunters, La. Militia, Capt. Chas. Lesseps, Jr., Ind.
Lake Borne Co., Spanish Regt.
Lake Providence Cadets, Co. C, 4th La. Infty.
Lamonthe's Battery, La. Mil., Co. 4, attached to La. Legion, Ind. Co. in Lafourche Regt., La. Militia.
Landrum Guards, Co. E, 17th La. Infty.
Landry's Battery, Donaldsonville Arty.
Landry's Guards, La. Mil., also called St. Landry Grds, Ind.
Laughlin Light Guards, Capt. T. 0. Laughlin's Co., La. Mil., 9th Co. in La. Irish Regt., La. Mil.
Le Bisque Battery, Co. B, 12th Battn., La. Arty., afterwards Castellanos Battery and De Gournay's Hy. Arty.
Lecompte Guards, Co. G, 2nd La. Infty.
Lee's Co., Capt. J. C. Lee, La. Militia, Ind.
Lee Guards, La. Mil., served as Co. D, 9th Regt., 1st Brig.,Ind.
Leeds Guards, Battn. Regt. La. Mil., Col. Chas. J. Leeds, La. Mil., Vols.
Leeds Light Horse, also called N. 0. Lt. Horse, Orleans Lt. Horse Cav.
Le Gardeur's Battery.
Leefe Guards, La. Mil., served in Beauregard Regt., Ind.
Lemmon Guards, Co. C, 9-17 Battn., La. Infty. 
Lewis Guards Co., 30th La. Infty., Co. H, Sumpter Regt., La. Mil. and Lewis Battn. Regt., La. Mil.
Lewis Guards, La. Militia, called Lewis Rifles, Capt. H. Meister, Ind.
Linton Light Infty., La. Militia, Capt. P. Grandpere, Ind.
Lipscomb Co., Co. E, 20th La. Infty.
Livingston Home Guards, Co. Local Defense Troops, La.
Livaudaus Guards, Co. E, Confed. Grds. Regt., La. Mil., Vols.
Livingstons Rifles, Co. K, 27th La. Infty.
Local Defense, Capt. Saml. J. Norwood's Co., La. Cavalry.
Lockport Home Guards or Lockport Guards, La. Militia,Ind.
Long Rifles, Capt. J. Carcou's Co., La. Vols., Co. C, Cazadores Esp. Regt., La. Mil.
Lonsdale Guards, Co. Jackson's Regt., La. Infty.
Louisiana Defenders, Battn. La. Mil., Vols., also called 7th Battn. La. Vol.
Louisiana Dragoons, Co. K, 1st La. Cavalry.
Louisiana Guard Defenders, 3rd Co., La. Defenders Battn., La. Mil.
Louisiana Fire Battn., afterwards Regt. La. Militia. Louisiana Grays, Transfd. to Monroe Rifles Co. K, 5th La. Infty.
Louisiana Guard Artillery, Capt. Camille E. Girardey's Co., also borne as Green's Co., La. Arty., orig. Co. B, 1st La. Infty. Louisiana Guards, 1st Battn., La. Mil., East Baton Rouge. ( .
Louisiana Guards, Co. A, of East Batoft Rouge Co., La. Gd., 1st Battn., La. Militia.
Louisiana Guards, Co. E, of East Baton Rouge Co., La. Gd., 1st Battn., La. Militia.
Louisiana Guards, Co. A, 1st Battn., La. Infty.
Louisiana Guards, Co. B, 1st La. Infty.
Louisiana Guards, Co. C, 1st La. Infty., Co. C, 1st Battn. Inf.
Louisiana Guards, Co. D, Crescent Regt, La. Infty., Co. C, 24th Regt., La. Infty. Regt.
Louisiana Irish Regt., Col. P. B. O'Brien's Regt., La. Mil.
Louisiana Independent Rangers, La. Militia.
Louisiana Guards of Livingston Parish, Capt. J. J. Cotton, La. Mil.
Louisiana All Hazards, La. Mil., Capt. A. L. Guxman, Ind.
Louisiana Legion Regt., Infty., La. Mil.
Louisiana Mounted Rangers, also called Cole's Rangers, Ind. Co., La. Cav.
Louisiana Musketeers Co., 29th La. Infty.
Louisiana Native Grds. Co., 1st Regt. Native Grds., La. Mil.
Louisiana Rebels, Co. F, 10th La. Infty.
Louisiana Sappers and Miners, Independent Co., La. Vols.
Louisiana Scouts, Capt. W. G. Mullen's Independent Co. of La. Vols.
Louisiana State Guards, Co. A, 30th Regt., La. Infty., also Co. I, Cohfed. Grds. Regt., La. Mil. Vols.
Louisiana State Grds., Co. B, 30th Regt., La. Infty., also Co. K, Confed. Regt., La. Mil., Vols.
Louisiana State Guards, Co. G, 5th La. Infty.
Louisiana Swarrp Rifles. Co. E, 10th La. Infty.
Louisiana Tigers-Wheat's Battn., La. Infty.
Louisiana Turcos, Co. H, 15th La. Infty. (Supposed to be but not found as such.)
Louisiana Turcos, La. Vols., Capt. Hy. Pardeaux, Ind.
Low'siana Volunteers, Co. E, 20th La. Infty. See also Reichards Battn.
Louisiana Zouaves, Battr. Lr. Infty.
Love!! Light Tnfty., also 11. Arty., Co. I, Leeds Grds., Battn. Regt., La. Mil., Vols.
Lovell Rifles, Co. B. 26th La. Infty.
Lovell Guards, La. Mil., Co. F, Leeds Grds., Battn. Regt., La. Mil., Vols.
Lovell Scouts, Independent Co.', La. Cav., Capt.' David Ker. .
Macon Cavalry, La., Assigned to Starkes' 28th Cay., became part 24th Ark. Cav".
Madison Infantry, Co. A, 4th Battn., La. Inftyl
Madison Cavalry, La. Militia, Capt. Sam Anderson, Ind.
Madison Light Artillery, Original Madison's Arty. (Madison Tipperarys afterwards Capt.' Geo. V. Moody's Co., La. Arty.)
Madison Parish Infantry Co., La.
Madison Tipperary's, See Madison Lt. Arty., La. Moody's Battery served in Alexander's and Hugers Battn., Reserve Arty.
Magazine Guards, Co. G, 6th Regt.,' 1st Brig., 1st Div.
Maddox's Regt., Reserve Corps, Col. W. A. Maddox.
Madison Co., La. Mil., Capt. W. P. Peck, Ind.
Madison Dragoons, La. Mil., Capt. C. H. Moore, Ind.
Magnolia Guards, Continental Regt., La. Mil., Vols.
Magee Guards, Continental Regt., also Co. E, Lewis Battn., Regt. La. Mil.
Magnolia Guards, Capt. F. Roder's Co., La. Mil. See Co. D, Lewis Battn., Regt. La. Mil. '.
Magnolia Guards, La. Mil., Capt. R. M. Montgomery, Ind.
Manassas Rifles, Co. A, Chalmette Regt., La. Inf.
Mandeville Rifles, La. Mil., Capt. Chas. Morgan.
Mann Rifles, Co. I, 20th La. Inf. '' '.
Mansura Guards, La. Mil., Co. E, Johnson's Special Battn., La. Mil.
Marion Artillery, Lieut. Jean Descant's Co., La. Arty, attached to European Brig.
Marksville Guards, La. Mil., Co. D, Johnson's Spl. Battn., La.Mil.
Marion Guards, Co. D, 21st after 22d, La. Inf.
Marion Rangers, La. Mil., Co. C, Cres. Regt. called 24th Regt.
Marion Infantry, Indep. Co., La. Inf. on provost duty in District of Mobile.
Marion Rangers, Co. B, La. Cav. Regt.
Martin's Scouts, Co. K, 6th Regt. Cav.
McCall Guards, Co. A, 23rd La. Inf.' . McCall Guards, Co. B, 23d La. Inf., after Co. A, 22d Rgt, La. Inf.
McClure Guards, Co. G, 13th after Co. D, 14th La. Inf.
McCown Regiment,'21st Regt., La. Inf.
McCree Rangers, Co. in Bragg's Battn., La. Mil.
McCulloch Rangers, Ind. Co., La. Inf., after Co. A, 59th Va.Inf.
McClellan Guards, Co. D, Kennedy's 21st Regt., La. Inf.
McLaurin Invincibles, Co. K, 27th La. Inf. 
McRea Rangers, Co. F, Beauregard Battn. & Regt. La. Mil. 
McWaters Rangers, Capt. J. A. McWaters, Co. La. Cav. 
Mechanic Guards, La. Mil., Co. G, Leeds Guard Battn. Regt. La. Mil. Vols. 
Mechanic Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Lanbach's Co., La. Mil. 
Mercer Guards, Co. E, 6th La. Inf. 
Meschacebe Native Guards, La. Mil., Co. 1st Regt. Native Grds. La. Mil.
Miles Artillery, Capt. Claude Gibson's Co., La. Arty., Attached to Miles Legion, Co. K, 22d and 21st La. Inf. Dents Batty, formerly Robertson's C. S. Arty.
Miles Legion, La. Vols., Wm. R. Miles, Col.
Miliken Bend Guards, Co. E, 9th La. Infty. Vols.
Minden Blues, Co. G, 8th La. Infty.
Minden Rangers, La. Cavalry served as Co. A, Wimberley's or Webb's Squadron, La. Cavalry.
Milneburg Fire Guards, La. Militia, Co. G, Orleans Battn., Regt. La. Mil.
Mississippi Native Guards, Co. in 1st Regt. Native Grds., La. Militia.
Mississippi Rifles No. 2, La. Mil., Capt. Fred Camerden. Monroe Guard, Co. K, 5th La. Infty. Monroe Rifles, Co. K, 5th La. Infty. Montgomery Cadets, La. Militia, Capt. Volkmann, Ind. Montgomery Guards, Co. B, La. Mil., Capt. J. B. Cunningham, Ind.
Montgomery Guards, Co. F, 1st La. Infty.
Montgomery Guards, Co. C, Co. H, Irish Regt., La. Militia.
Monticello Rifles, Co. H, 3rd La. Infty.
Moody's Battery, Madison Light Arty.

Moore Guards, Co. K, 2nd La. Infty.

Moore Fencibles, Co. A, 9th La. Infty.
Moreau Grds., La. Militia, Capt. L. Moreau's Co., La. Mil.
Morehouse Avengers Co., 25th La. Infty.
Morehouse Rangers, La. Cavalry, Capt. Danl. Newton.
Morehouse Fencibles, Co. E, 3rd La. Infty.
Morehouse Guards, Co. B, 3rd Battn., 3rd La. Infty.
Morehouse Southrons, Co. H, 17th La. Infty.
Morehouse Stars, Co. F, 12th La. Infty.
Morrison's Battn., La. Infty, Co. K, 31st Regt. La. Infty.
Mounted Engineers, Capt. C. W. Randolph's Co., La. Vols.
Mounted Rangers, Co. A, 16th Battn., La. Infty., Confed. Grds. Response Battn.
Mounted Wild Cats, also called Independent Mtd. Wild Cats, Indep. Co., La. Cavalry, Capt. Miller's Co.
Mullen's Co., Scouts or Shp. Shooters, Ind.
Murdock Guards, Co. C, 1st Battn., La. State Grds. Cav., also called 13th Battn.
Mustang Rangers, La. Militia, Capt. A. J. Johnson, Ind.
McPherson's Battery Orleans Howitzers, La. Militia.
Natchez Rifles Co., 4th Battn., La. Infty.
Natchitoches Rebels, Co. C, 18th La. Infty.
Natchitoches Cavalry Co., La. Mil., Capt. R. S. Rogers, Ind.
Natchitoches Mounted Guards, La. Mil., Capt. L. L. McLauren, Ind.
National Guards, Co. B, 4th La. Inf.
National Guards (of St. James), La. Mil., Capt. F. E. Lapaginier, Ind.
New Basin Guards, Co. H, 3rd Regt., 3rd Brig., La. Mil., also in 4th Regt., 1st Brig., 1st Div., La. Mil.
New Orleans Home Guards, La. Mil., served in N. O. Rifle Regt., Ind.
New Orleans Reserve Guards, Capt. L. Davigneaud's Co., La. Vols.
New River Rangers, Cav. 3rd Co. Cav. Battn., Miles Legion, La. Vols., Ogdens Battn., La. Cav., also called 9th Regt.
Nixon Rifles, Co. H, 13th after Co. E, 14th La. Inf.
Noel Rangers," Co. B, 15th Battn., La. Inf., also New Co. B, 20th La. Regt. Inf.
North Louisiana Cadets, Co. F, after A, 12th La. Inf.
Norton Guards, Co. K, 13th La. Inf.
Norwood's Co., Capt. J. J., La. Mil., Jeff Davis Rangers, Ind. 
O'Brien's Light Infty., Co. in La. Irish Regt., La. Mil. 
Ogden's Cavalry Battalion, Battn. La. Cav., also called 9th Regt. 
Old Dominion Guards, Co. D, Wheat's Battn., La. Inf. 
Opelousas Guards, Co. F, 8th La. Inf. 
Opelousas Greys, La. Mil., Lt. C. H. Hamilton. 
Opelousas Volunteers, Go. K, 18th La. Inf. 
Opelousas Rifles, Capt. Jas. B. Israel, Ind. 
Orleans Artillery, La. Mil., Served as Reserve Co. Orleans Battn. Art.
Orleans Battn. Arty., Indep. Battn., La. Arty., 12 months service; after attached to 23d La. Inf. as Cos. A, B, C> D, and Co. B, 2nd Co. 23d Regt. Inf.
Orleans Blues, Co. H, 10th La. Inf. . Orleans Blues, Co. A, Herrick's Co., Co. E, 20th La. Inf.
Orleans Blues, Co. B, Co. G, 20th La. Inf.
Orleans Cadets, Co. E, 5th La. Inf. (Perhaps Co. B.), also Co. C, Beauregard Battn. and Regt., La. Mil.
Orleans Cadets, Co. F, 1st Battn., La. Inf.
Orleans Cadets, Capt. R. L. Dolbear, 1st Co. L, Cres. Regt.
Orleans Cadets, Co. I, 18th La. Inf.
Orleans Cadets, Capt. J. E. Blanchard's Co., La. Legion also Co. in Sumpter Regt.
Orleans Cadets, Co. D, La. Mil., Co. B, Beauregard Battn. and Regt.
Orleans Cadets, Co. E, Co. H, 24th La. Inf. (Crescent Regt.)
Orleans Guard, Co. E, after Co. F, 30th La. Inf.
Orleans Claiborne Guards, Chaffins Co., also called Rough and Ready Rangers, Co. 1st Spec. Battn., La. Infty.
Orleans Fencibles, La. Militia, 8th Co. La. Irish Regt. La. Infty.
Orleans Fire Battn., afterwards Regt. La. Militia. 
Orleans Good Will Fire Guards, La. Mil., Co. A, Orleans Fire Battn. Regt. La. Mil. 
Orleans Guard Artillery, Independent Battn., La. Arty. 
Orleans Guard Battn., Regt. La. Mil. 
Orleans Guard Batteries, Cos. A, and B, Orleans Grd., Arty. Battn.
Orleans Guards, Co. A, 1st Battn., La. Infty. 
Orleans Guards, 13th Battn., La. Infty. 
Orleans Guards, Co. —, La. 3rd —. 
Orleans Guards, Co. F, 30th La. Infty. 
Orleans Guards Regiment, Col. Numa Augustin's Regt., La. Militia.
Orleans Guides, Cav. Co., Battn. La. Legion, La. Mil., Vols. 
Orleans Howitzers, Capt. S. J. McPherson's Co., La. Mil. 
Orleans Light Guards (Co. B), Co. G, 1st La. Infty. 
Orleans Light Guards (Co. C), Co. K, 1st La. Infty. 
Orleans Light Guards (Co. D), Co. F, 1st La. Infty. 
Orleans Light Guards (Co. A), afterwards Co. D, 1st La. Infty.
Orleans Light Horse Cavalry, also called N. 0. Lt. Horse and Leeds' Lt. Horse Ind. Co., La. Cav., Greenleaf's Co., La. Cavalry.
Orleans Rangers, Co. G, 10th La. Infty.
Orleans Racachas, La. Mil., Capt. J. A. Fremaux, Ind.
Orleans Rifle Rangers Co. H, 6th La. Infty.
Orleans Rifle Guards, La. Mil., Capt. J. A. Jacques, Ind.
Orleans Rifles, Co. H, 6th La. Infty.
Orleans Skirmishers, Co. I, 10th La. Infty.
Orleans Southrons, Co. F, 5th La. Infty.
Orleans Tirailleurs, Co. K, 23rd La. Infty.
Ouachita Blues, Co. B, 4th Battn., La. Infty.
Ouachita Guerillers Arty., Capt. J. Frank Lacy.
Ouachita Rangers, La. Mil., Capt. Frank Pargoud, Ind.
Ouachita Southrons, Co. A, 17th La. Infty.
Packwood Guards, Co. K, 4th La. Infty., Vols. 
Panola Guards, afterwards Beauregard Rangers. Co. D, Cres. Regt. La. Infty.
Pargoud Vols., La. Mil., Capt. A. A. Lipscomb.
Payne's Co., La. Mil., Capt. A. H. Payne, Ind.
Peale Rangers, Capt. Hugh Breen, Ind.
Pelican Battery, 5th Battery La.
Pelican Greys, Co. A, 2nd La. Inf.
Pelican Guards, Co. B, Jackson's Rifle Inf. Battn., La. Mil., Vols., also Capt. O'Hara Co., Ind.
Pelican Guards of Iberville, La. Mil.
Pelican Rangers, No. 1, Co. H, 3rd La. Inf.
Pelican Rangers, No. 2, Co. D, 3rd La. Inf.
Pelican Regiment, 7th La. Inf.
Pelican Rifles, Co. A, 2nd La. Inf.
Pelican Rifles, Co. K, 3rd La. Inf.
Pemberton Rangers, Co. G, 6th La. Inf.
Perret Guards, Co. H, 5th La. Inf.
Perseverance Life Guards, Capt. S. B. Collins, Ind.
Perseverance Guards, Co. A, 21st, after 22nd, La. Inf., also Lewis Battn. Regt. La. Mil.
Perseverance Fire Guards, Co. E, Orleans, Battn. La. Mil.
Perseverance Guards, Co. G, after 22nd La. Inf.
Perseverance Native Guards, Co. 1st Regt., Native Grds., La. Mil.
Phoenix Co., Co. K, 8th La. Inf. .
Phoenix Fire Guards, La. Mil., Co. C, Orleans Fire Battn. Regt. La. Mil.
Phoenix Guards, Capt. Jos. S. Martin, Ind.
Phoenix Rifles, Co. D, 17th La. Inf.
Pickett Guards, Co. —, 26th La. Inf.
Pickett Rifles, Capt. John B. Vinet's Co., La. Vols.
Pickwick Froby's Co., Beauregard Battn. and Regt. La. Mil.
Pikemen of '61, La. Mil., Co. D, La. Fire Regt., La. Mil.
Pilie Rifles, Capt. Danl. Vancourt, Ind.
Pine Grove Guards, Capt. Thos. L. East, Ind.
Pinewoods Sharpshooters, Co. G, 16th La. Inf.
Pinkney Battn., 8th Battn., La. Heavy Arty.
Pioneers, Capt. C. D. J. Williams, Ind.
Pioneer Guards, No. 1, La. Mil., Co. D, La. Fire Battn. and Regt., La. Mil.
Plain Rangers, served in E. Baton Rouge Regt., Ind.
Plain Store Rangers, Cav. 1st Co. Cav. Battn., Miles Legion, La. Ogden's Battn. Cav.
Plaisance Guards, served in St. Landry Regt., Ind.
Planche Guards, La. Militia, Capt. J. B. Noble's Co.
Planche Rebels, Co. —, Chalmette Regt., La. Infty.
Planters Life Guards, Co. A. Cav. Battn., Miles Legion V0I3.
Planters Guards, Capt. Jos. Torres, Ind.
Plaquemine Guards, served in 13th Regt., 2nd Brig., 1st Div., La. Mil.
Plaquemine Mtd. Rangers, La. Militia, Indep. La. Cavalry. Plutus Guards, Co. in Bragg's Battn., La. Mil., also Co. in Jeff. Davis, Battn., and Regt., La. Militia.
Pochelee Rangers, Co. H, Jeff Davis Battn. and Regt., La.Mil.
Pointe Coupee Artillery, Battn., La. Arty.

Pointe Coupee Creoles, La. Mil., Co. D, Pt. Coupee Regt.
Pointe Coupee Light Infty., Capt. L. H. Troudeau, Ind.
Pointe Coupee Volunteers, Co. H, 11th La. Infty.
Police Guard, Co. "A", Co. —, Beauregard Regt.
Police Guard, Co. "B", Co. D, Beauregard Regt.
Polish Brigade, 13th, 14th and 15th La. Infty.
Polish Regiment, First 14th Sulakowski's La. Infty. 
Pontooniers, La. Mil., with Orleans Battn. Arty. 
Port Hudson Guards, Capt. Randolph Cheek, Ind. 
Prairie Rangers, Co. A, 1st Battn. La. Infty, afterwards Todd's Independent Co. Cav. La. Vols. 
Prairie Boys, Co. A, 26th La. Infty.
Protection Rifles, Capt. John Purcell's Co., La. Mil., Co. F, Confed. Grd. Regt., La. Militia and Co. in 7th Regt., 1st Brig., 1st Div., La. Militia.
Protection Guards, La. Militia, called also Protection Grds.
Prudhomme Guards, Co. G, 26th La. Infty.
Quitman Guards, served in St. Landry Regt. Ind.
Quitman Rangers, Co. H, 14th La. Infty.
Racachas No. 1, La. Militia, Capt. Aug. Abadie, Ind.
Racachas No. 2, La. Mil., Ed. Duncan, Ind.
Raceland Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Chas. Thibodeaux, Ind.
Radetzky Rifle Battery (Arty.) Co. Jackson's Regt. La. Infty, 5th Battn.
Rapides Co., La. Mil., Capt. A. S. Smith, Ind.

Rapides Rangers, Co. D, 1st La. Cavalry.
Rapides Invincibles, Co. I, 8th La. Infty.
Rapides Rangers, Lt. T. McFeeley's Co., Ind.
Rapides Terribles, Co. C, 27th La. Inf.
Rapides Tigers, Co. E, 16th La. Inf. 
Rawson Guards, La. Mil., as Co. C, St. Charles Regt. and Chasseurs a pied Regt., Ind.
Red River Rangers, Attached to 15th Battn., La. Cav.

Red River Rebels, Co. B, 1st La. Inf.
Red River Scouts, Battn., La. Cav. 
Red River Sharpshooters, Battn. Steamboat Men La. Vols. 
Red Stick Rebels, La. Mil. Capt. Hy. R.. Graham, Ind. 
Reichard Rifles, Co. C, 20th La. Inf., also Reichards Battn. Reinhardt Guards, La. Mil., served as Co. E, Beauregard Regt.
Rescue Rangers, La. Vol., Lt. Etienne Velten, Ind.
Reserve Cazadores, Co. 5, 5th Regt. European Brig., La. Mil., Vol., La. Legion.
Rescue Guards, Co. B, Leeds Guards Regt., La. Mil. Vols., also Co. C.
Reichard's Battn. Inf., also called 6th and Lovell Battn., and Orleans Rifle Battn.
Richard Musketeers, La. Vols., Capt. C. de la Bretonne, Ind. Rifle Blues, La. Mil., in 13th Regt, 2nd Brig, 1st Div.
Robert's Absalon, C Co., La. Mil., Jeff Davis Rangers, also Jeff Davis Light Horse. . ...
Robina Greys, Co. B, 19th La. Inf. ,. .
Rosalie Guard, Co. I, 11th La. Infty.
Rough & Ready Guards, La. Mil., Capt. E. W. Blake, Ind.
Rouquillo Guards, La. Mil. in 13th Regt. 2nd Brig. 1st Div. La. Mil.
Rousseau Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Jas. R. Curell, Ind.
Robinson's Co. Horse Arty., 1st Regt. La. Cav. formerly Holmes Howitzer Batty.
Robert Brown Guards, La. Mil., Co. D, Lewis Battn., Regt. La. Mil.
Ruggles Guards, Co. G, Cres. Regt., La. Inf. 24th Regt., La.
Sabine Rifles, Capt. McArthurs Co., Co. A, 6th Regt. La. Inf. 
Sabine Rebels, Co. B, 17th La. Inf. 
Sabine Independents, Co. in Sumpter Regt., La. Mil. 
Sabine Independents, La. Mil., Co. I, Jeff Davis Battn. and Regt. La. Mil. Vol.
Saddler's Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Mooney's Co.
Slavonian Rifles, 1st Co., Co. E, Cazadores Esp. Regt., La.Mil.
Slavonian Rifles, 2nd Co. La. Mil., Cazadores Esp. Regt., La.Mil.
Sarfield Rifle Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Jas. O'Hara.

Sandy Creek Rangers, La. Mil., served in 1st Battn., La.
Grds. and in E. Baton Rouge Regt. 
Sappers and Miners, Co. H, 27th La. Infty. 
Sanitary Regiment (Louisiana). 
Sarsfield Rangers, Co. B, La. Mil., Capt. P. Murray, Ind. 
Sarsf ield Rangers, Co. C, 7th La. Infty. 
Sarsfield Southrons, Co. —, La. 
Savany Guards, Co. 1st Regt., Native Grds., La. Militia. 
Scandinavian Guards, Co. A, Chalmette Regt., La. Infty. 
Scott Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Thos. J. Hightower, Ind. Co. 
Scotch Rifle Guards, Co. H, 21st La. Infty. 
Scotch Rifle Guards, Co. C, afterwards 22nd La. Infty. 
Scotch Rifles, Scotch Rifle Guards. 
Screwmen's Guard, Co. A, 22nd La. Infty. 
Screwmen's Guards, Co. B, 22nd La. Infty. 
Screwmen's Guard, also called Moore Fencibles, Co. A, 9th La. Infty. » . .
Second Battery, La. Hvy. Arty.; Capt. Geo. Logan.
Sedentaire Battery, Capt. Jules Benit's Co., La. Arty. Sappers and Miners, Sureg's Co., La. Militia. Shamrock Guards, Co. —, 4th Regt., French Brig., La. Mil. Vol.

Sharpshooters La. Legion, La. Mil., Capt. Jos. Christian, Ind. 
Shelley Battalion, 11th Battn., La. Infty. 
Shepherd Guard, Co. 10th La. Infty.
Shreveport Greys, Co. D, 1st Battn., La. Infty., 1st La. Regt. Infty.
Shreveport Rangers, Co. F, 3rd La. Infty. 
Shreveport Rebels, Co. K, 11th La. Infty. 
Shreveport Rifles, 1st La. Infty. 
Siege Battery, Capt. E. T. King's Co., La. Arty. 
Simmons Stars, Co. C, 17th La. Infty. 
Skipwith Guards, Co. A, 27th La. Infty. 
Slavonian Rifles, Co. —, Infty. Battn., La. Legion, La. Vols. 
Slocomb Rifles, Co. C, 1st La. Vols., Infty. 
Shamrock Guards, Co. B, La. Militia, Co. F, La. Irish Regt., La. Militia.
Smith Artillery, Capt. John Roy's Co., La. Arty.
Southern Cadets, La. Mil., Capt. F. Cornish, Ind.
Southern Celts, Co. A, 13th La. Infty.
Southern Guards, Co. A, 6th La. Regt., Infty., Vol.
Southern Guards of Union Parish, La. Mil., Ind.
Southern Guards of Rapides Parish, La. Mil., Ind.
Southern Protection Guards, La. Mil., Capt. Wm. Lampton.
Southern Rifles La. Militia, Capt. J. A. Jacques, Ind.
Southern Sentinels, Co. I, afterwards Co. H, 12th La. Infty. also company in Bragg's Battn., La. Mil., also Continental Regt. La. Militia, Vols.
Spanish Teradors, Co. —, Infty, Battn. La. Legion, La. Vols.
Spanish Independents, La. Militia in 9th Regt., 1st Brig. La. Mil.
Sparrow Cadets, Co. I, 31st La. Infty.
 Sparta Guards, Co. E, 27th La. Infty. 
Sparta Cavalry, La. Mil., Capt. D. H. Sheppard, Ind. 
Special Battn., La. Vols., also called 1st Spec. Battn., La. Vols., (Wheat's).

Coppens' Zouave Battalion

Coppens' Zouave Battalion
Lt. Colonel George Coppens (seated) and brother, Captain Marie Alfred Coppens.Image sold at auction on Cowan Auctions, for $14,375