Civil War Louisiana (CWLA)

Civil War Louisiana (CWLA)
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pvt. Boling Williams, 2nd Louisiana

Boling Williams enlisted in Co. D of the 2nd Louisiana Infantry on May 11, 1861 in the Pelican Rifles of DeSoto Parish. Boling was a 21 year old native of Alabama working as a clerk in DeSoto Parish when the war started. He served with the unit through the Peninsular Campaign of 1862, Seven Days Campaign and was wounded at 2nd Manassas. He never returned to his unit and was discharged in early 1864. He lived out his days in DeSoto and died at Mansfield, Louisiana in 1914.

Random bits on the Pelican Rifles:
  • As a side note, Williams' company was also the same company that Levy Carnine, slave of a Mr. Hogan, served in. His story was well documented in The South Was Right by James and Walter Kennedy. Click on this link (pages out of The South Was Right) and scroll down just a bit and you can read the interesting story of Carnine's role with the Pelican Rifles.
  • Other Research Notes on the Pelican Rifles:
  1. Marshall-Furman Papers at LSU
  2. Boling Williams Diary is located at the Mansfield State Commemorative Area, in Mansfield, Louisiana.

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  1. If you can forward an email, I would like to send a few pictures of a rifle that has been in the family, since 1863. At some point, Pvt. E.P. Glover carved his name in the stock. Pvt. Glover was a member of Co. I, 2nd LA Infantry, which is reflected in the information carved in the stock.


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