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Captured Confederates at Gettysburg

Captured Confederates at Gettysburg
Confederates captured at Gettysburg. Some believe that these were three Louisiana "Tigers."

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Photos @ Webshots.com

Was hitting the internet and came across www.webshots.com where I found a LOT of images of Confederate soldiers. Below are several of the Louisiana photos from an unknown user who has three photo albums of Confederate soldiers. In the three albums are some 250 photographs! Hope you enjoy the images below and be sure to visit the website for more great pics of soldiers from the war.

Unknown Louisiana Soldier

Private Michael Thomas Bryant of Gray's 28th Louisiana Infantry
(GG Grandfather of Clint Bryant)

Unknown Louisiana Soldiers

Captain Sewall, 12th Louisiana Light Artillery

Claiborne Lane, Co. G, 18th Louisiana (unsure which person Lane is)

Unknown soldier of the 24th Louisiana Infantry (Crescent Regiment)

John Weir, 1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery


  1. The second from the top young "Unknown Louisiana Soldier" is my GG grandfather Michael Thomas Bryant. He was a pvt in Gray's 28th.

    Clint Bryant

  2. Clint, thats great! I'll update the information. Do you have a copy of the original photograph or any other letters, etc?


Coppens' Zouave Battalion

Coppens' Zouave Battalion
Lt. Colonel George Coppens (seated) and brother, Captain Marie Alfred Coppens.Image sold at auction on Cowan Auctions, for $14,375