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Civil War Louisiana (CWLA)
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

6th Missouri Cavalry (U.S.) in Louisiana

The White River Valley Historical Quarterly put online a copy of a diary from W.B. Cox of Company B of the 6th Missouri Cavalry (U.S.). I'm including a link for you to visit their site. This exert from his diary covers from September 1863, when he landed in Carrollton near New Orleans, to May 22, 1864 following the end of the Red River Campaign.

The list below are all the movements of the 6th Missouri Cavalry's (U.S.) service in Louisiana: 

Moved to the Dept. of the Gulf August. Near Morganza, La., September 8. 
Atchafalaya September 8-9. 
 Sterling's Farm, on Bayou Fordoche, near Morganza, September 27. 
Western Louisiana Campaign October 3-November 30. 
Reconnaissance toward Opelousas October 20. 
Opelousas, Barre Landing, October 21. 
Washington October 24. 
Bayou Bourbeaux November 2. 
Carrion Crow Bayou November 18. 
Bayou Portage, Grand Lake, November 23. 
Near Vermillionville, La., November 30. 
Red River Campaign March 10-May 22. 
Advance from Franklin to Alexandria March 14-26. 
Bayou Rapides March 20. Henderson's Hill March 21. 
Monett's Ferry and Cloutiersville March 29-30. 
Natchitoches March 31. 
Crump's Hill, Piney Woods, April 2. 
Wilson's Farm April 7. 
Bayou de Paul, Carroll's Mill, April 8. 
Battle of Sabine Cross Roads April 8. 
Pleasant Hill April 9. 
About Cloutiersville April 22-24. 
Bayou Rapides Bridge and McNutt's Hill, Alexandria, April 27-28. 
Retreat to Morganza April 13-20. 
Wilson's Landing May 14. 
Avoyelle's (or Marksville Prairie) May 15. 
Expedition to Clinton, La., August 23-29. 
Expedition from Baton Rouge to Clinton, Greensburg, Osyke and Camp Moore October 5-9. Expedition from Baton Rouge to Brookhaven, Miss., and skirmishes November 14-21. Davidson's Expedition from Baton Rouge against Mobile & Ohio Railroad November 27-December 3. 
Expedition from Baton Rouge to Clinton and Comite River March 30-April 2, 1865. 
Duty in District of Baton Rouge, La., until July and the Dept. of Texas until September. Mustered out September 12, 1865.

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