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Civil War Louisiana (CWLA)
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

William Stoker Letters, 18th Texas Infantry

William Elisha Stoker belonged to Company H of the 18th Texas Infantry.
His letters are posted online at the House Divided at Dickinson College. The 18th Texas served in Louisiana parts of 1863-1865. Stoker's letters cover camp life and parts of the Red River Campaign in 1864. When you click on the link you will have to click on the tab titled "Documents." That will bring you to a list of his letters. If you click on the links to the right it'll bring you to the individual letters. Once you click on a letter there is a tab to click on the transcribed version of his letter.

Here is a quote from Stoker's letter of January 3, 1864 about the ladies of Opelousas, La:

Our prisoners that was taken at opalousas [Opelousas] has ben exchanged and they hav just got in. James Courtney has got back safe. I havent never thought to say any thing about the lades [ladies] of opalousas how well they treatted us. They taken our wounded men and waitted on them like brothers. On examineing the hos-pital they found that there was too wounded men from our regament to arry another ones one. When we went to leave they had our regament marched up to the female ecademy and the lades of opolousas presented us a flag. A yung lady stepped out to the edge of the pieser with it in her hand and made one of best speaches that I ever herd. I did wis you was there. When she was threw the Col. hollowed out three cheers for the lades of opalousas. You ought to of heard us hollow. We had a merry time for a little while.

Interested in finding more information on the 18th Texas Infantry? Visit Randall Howald's GREAT site on Texas Units.

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