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Civil War Louisiana (CWLA)
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Train Wreck at Company Canal

From the New York Times, November 14 1863:

The New-Orleans papers give an account of a shocking accident, resulting in great loss of life, which occurred on Sunday morning about daylight, on the Opelousas Railroad, in the vicinity of Company Canal, eight miles from Algiers, caused by an up train loaded with troops, dashing headlong into another up train which was standing on the track disabled, and the cars of which were also loaded with troops, crashing the cars together and making of both trains a heap of ruins.
The casualties, so far as could be ascertained, were eleven killed and sixty-five wounded, many of the latter very severely. The following is a list of their names:
Killed -- Belonging to the 97th Illinois: Lieut. Martin, Richard Smith, Geo. Polk, (drummer,) Geo. Draper, John Corbitt, Wm. Reed, Martin Woods, Frank Akeman, C.W. Osborn, John Miller, T.B. Smith.
Wounded -- In the 97th Illinois regiment: Aleck Chaput, Sunderland, M. Woods, Powers, Oglesby, James and D.F. Wicker, F. Brooks, J. Curry, Sam Girard, J.E. Hagy, J.H. McGee, Hickman, Bethards, James and John Cloud, M. Sigler, E. White, Halliday, Sargeant Slaten, J. Francis, E. Lowe, J. Ryan, Isaac Giberron, S. Massey, J. Huffine, R.S. Giberron, J.G. White, J. Globe, H. Palmer, Asa Barnes, Wm.H. Medlin, Lewis Woods, T. Smith, J. Kilgore, P. Huffman, Nicholas, Campbell, Berry, Pace, Zeits, Jeremiah, Dwyer, White, Knowlton, Woodrow, Pennington, Herod, Salers, Davisson, Rice, Kilborn, Stanton, Wyant, Sillwell, Matheny.
In the 54th Indiana regiment: E.J. Treat, (hospital steward,) Lafayette Martindale, James Pierce.

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