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The goal of Civil War Louisiana is to provide an online resource of information and links to our great state's involvement in the war. Topics expected to be commonly covered are: Battles fought in Louisiana, battles that Louisianians participated in, unit histories, rosters, uniforms and equipment of Louisiana soldiers, personalities to include not only the leadership of the state and armies but the common soldier, flags and resources to research/read on the state's role in the war. Civil War Louisiana seeks to also elaborate on the history of Union soldiers' role in Louisiana - their experiences, their perception of Louisiana's culture, climate, wildlife, etc., are all interesting materials as well.


Captured Confederates at Gettysburg

Captured Confederates at Gettysburg
Confederates captured at Gettysburg. Some believe that these were three Louisiana "Tigers."

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Louisianian Remembers Johnson's Island

Horace Carpenter started the war as a Sergeant with the Beaver Creek Rifles from St. Helena Parish. His company was formed on April 25, 1861 shortly afterwards became Company G of the 4th Louisiana Infantry. Carpenter and his company served with this regiment until after the Battle of Shiloh (April 6-7, 1862). The 4th Louisiana was a 12 Month Volunteer unit and in May of 1862 they were transferred to Edwards Depot to reorganize. In this reorganization, Captain James H. Wingfield was able to get the Rifles transferred out of the regiment and sent to Louisiana. Once there, Wingfield used the company as the nucleus to form the 9th Louisiana Partisan Rangers. In this reorganization, Carpenter became a Lieutenant in the new Beaver Creek Rifles Company (Now Co. E in the new battalion). When the Siege of Port Hudson began in May of 1863, part of this unit, including Carpenter, were caught inside the siege lines. When that post surrendered, Carpenter was sent to Johnson's Island.

Here is Carpenter's story of his ordeal titled "Plain Living at Johnson's Island."


  1. Thanks for posting this and your blog in general!

  2. My great grandfather was a lieut. with the 4th Louisiana, captured at Port Hudson, and sent to Johnson's Island. I have some of his sutler's receipts from Johnson's Island.

    Had read Carpenter's account of Johnson's Island several years ago. Thanks for posting the link. It is an important first hand account of what conditions were like.


Coppens' Zouave Battalion

Coppens' Zouave Battalion
Lt. Colonel George Coppens (seated) and brother, Captain Marie Alfred Coppens.Image sold at auction on Cowan Auctions, for $14,375