Civil War Louisiana (CWLA)

Civil War Louisiana (CWLA)
CWLA seeks to provide an online resource of any and all material of the Civil War relating to Louisiana with a special interest in the war in Acadiana in southwest Louisiana.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Rebel Yell!!

At the Battle of Irish Bend (April 14, 1863), an amphibious landing of a Federal division was met with a surprise stand and attack by Richard Taylor's army. At the beginning the battle, Colonel Birge's brigade of Grover's division was pushing Taylor's motley rear guard. When the 28th Louisiana arrived on the field, they were filed to the left through a marshy wood and then throw into the right flank of Birge's brigade. At that moment, all the Confederate units (28th La, 2nd La Cav, 4th Tx Cav and Clack's Battalion) all pushed forward in a charge on Birge's brigade. One of Birge's units, the 13th Connecticut, described what it heard when this counterattack took place:

"The enemy had silently massed several regiments [actually just the 28th Louisiana] on the right of our brigade, and had suddenly opened such a front and flank fire up on the unionists there as mowed them down by scores. A few moments of stubborn fighting, and they retreated in disorder to teh middle of the large field whence they came...All the horses of Birge's staff officers, except one, were killed or wounded. The rebels with their peculiar wild-cat yell rushed upon them [Birge's staff] and made many prisoners."

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Coppens' Zouave Battalion

Coppens' Zouave Battalion
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