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Captured Confederates at Gettysburg

Captured Confederates at Gettysburg
Confederates captured at Gettysburg. Some believe that these were three Louisiana "Tigers."

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Louisiana Rum

Joshua M. Addeman of the 14th Rhode Island [Colored] Heavy Artillery Battalion left us this comment on "Louisiana Rum:"

"At the same time, we were trying to make a permanent improvement in the way above indicated, we were troubled by difficulties, which were incident to army life at all times. Liquor, of course, would make trouble for us, and I think I never knew of any stimulant more demoralizing, in its way, than Louisiana rum. This fiery fluid would arouse all the furies in a man when it had him under its control."

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Coppens' Zouave Battalion

Coppens' Zouave Battalion
Lt. Colonel George Coppens (seated) and brother, Captain Marie Alfred Coppens.Image sold at auction on Cowan Auctions, for $14,375